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Outdoor Areas

Oropi Pools Outdoor Area

Child friendly with a trampoline, playhouse, sandpit, badminton, volleyball and a variety of balls and games.

BBQ Hire

Oropi BBQ Hireage

    Hire a BBQ for group gatherings, meetings, work functions, team break-ups, birthdays or just to dine with your close ones. $25 for BBQ hire-age for 4 hours plus a $20 rubbish bond which you will get returned at the end of your stay provided all rubbish is taken with you. $45 deposit required
    Our stunning rural outdoor setting offers plenty of space for the kids to play, room for bouncy castles hire-age and group gatherings. Enjoy our grounds when you dine in, swim or hire one of our BBQ areas at the Oropi Hot Pools & Country Cafe.

    This is a great idea for a catered or self-catered meal with friends and family!
    Call us on 07 543 3913 or email info@oropipools.co.nz.

To book call us on 07 543 3913 or email info@oropipools.co.nz.

our outdoor area

Great outdoor area for Family BBQ's and a safe space for children to play

One of 3 BBQ Areas
Outdoor Cafe Area by Pool
Tyre Swings for the kids to play on

Oropi Hot Pools BBQ and Party area One of 3 BBQ Areas
Sandpit and Play House
One of 3 BBQ Areas