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Oropi Hot Pools & Cafe

Outdoor Areas

Oropi Pools Outdoor Area

Child friendly with a trampoline, playhouse, sandpit, badminton, volleyball and a variety of balls and games.

BBQ Hire

Oropi BBQ Hireage

    Hire a BBQ for group gatherings, meetings, work functions, team break-ups, birthdays or just to dine with your close ones. $25 for BBQ hire-age for 4 hours plus a $20 rubbish bond which you will get returned at the end of your stay provided all rubbish is taken with you.
    Our stunning rural outdoor setting offers plenty of space for the kids to play, room for bouncy castles hire-age and group gatherings. Enjoy our grounds when you dine in, swim or hire one of our BBQ areas at the Oropi Hot Pools & Country Cafe.

    This is a great idea for a catered or self-catered meal with friends and family!
    Call us on 07 543 3913 or email

To book call us on 07 543 3913 or email

our outdoor area

Great outdoor area for Family BBQ's and a safe space for children to play

One of 3 BBQ Areas
Outdoor Cafe Area by Pool
Tyre Swings for the kids tp play on

One of 3 BBQ Areas
Sandpit and Play House
One of 3 BBQ Areas